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Another season and the membership is settling down to be Old Thorns Seniors plus a few from 'Fernhurst' and friends and family from those two groups. No problem with that at all. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and are supportive of it carrying on.

In fact this year, we had 4 ladies join us and at Alresford we were joined by Herts Hookers, asociety with members from several counties!

Each photo below represents a society day, hover over them to see a little more detail, click on those for which you would like to see the result.

For those that may be interested here is the cummulative result minus those for Wildwood and Alresford or to put it another way the last 4 days.

Wildwood - 9th April

Alresford - 15th May

Rowlands Castle - 11th June

Chobham -16th July

Puttemham - 13th August

Bramley - 3rd September