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The inaugural season, or perhaps the test season. Just 4 days were organised with a certain amount of trepidation, while there was a long list of names of those that may be interested most worked during the week, would there be enough interest to get the society off the ground?

Happily there were, 23 people took part although on the last couple of days a few Old Thorns Seniors were invited to help get to the magic 12 which is required to play as a society at most courses. There was enough interest, especially if the Seniors at Old Thorns were invited to join the society.

If you are interested the result of each day is available behind the photos of each venue, just click on the photo also here is a consolidated view of the 4 days.

Foxbridge - 15th April

Sutton Green - 17th June

Alresford - 2nd August

Wildwood - 16th September