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Gold - awarded to winners.


Peripatos Logo

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The Society

The society was conceived one evening by the Fernhurst cricket club as a way of encouraging those that had had a relationship with the village through sport to continue it by remaining close to those that are currently playing by helping with the coaching of the next generation of players. It was hoped that a few competitive rounds of golf would help do that. the overall aim being to help sports in Fernhurst continue and with luck thrive.

The society was tested out in 2013 and considered a success although numbers were a little patchy but maintained by extending an invitation to Old Thorns Seniors. Since then the society has continued to run successfully.

By 2016 as well as golfers from Fernhurst and Old Thorns Seniors there was a good smattering of others that had joined through their friendship with those already in the society. The society was neither a Fernhurst or Old Thorns golf society. It was therefore decided a name change was in order, hence The Peripatos Golf Society.

Society Days

There are normally 6 society days a year, April through September with a the format of each day is something like this.

The cost of the day is around 40, which includes a small sweepstake. >>>> more about the competitions and prizes >>>>>


Your club handicap or an agreed handicap is used and then adjusted depending on how well you perform at the society days.


Membership is open to all those that live in Fernhurst, do or have played a sport for the village and Old Thorns Seniors. Friends and colleagues are welcomed, either as occasional guests or permanent members.

It is simple to join, just email to the organiser letting him know you would like to be included on the circulation list, hence becoming a member. You will then be bombarded with emails telling you about the programme for the year, reminders for each day and the occassional 'offer'.