Peripatos Pins


Pink - available at £3.

Gold - awarded to winners.


Peripatos Logo

Add the logo to your clothing contact OSL Promotional Clothing of Bordon (01420 472828).More - - - >>>

The Emblem

What is it?

It is a sheep on it's back, mortuus ovium, a dead sheep. You are looking at it from the head end!

You can have it embroidered on your clothing or wear a lapel pin.

Why wear it?

So that we look good and as one when arriving at a golf club and out on the course. Over time it would be good that all those that play with the society have clothing with the society emblem proudly displayed. The society does have a preferred colour, burgundy with the emblem in gold, however that is only preferred, make your own choice.

Perhaps then when out with friends you will be asked what 'Peripatos GS' and 'mortuus ovium' is all about, providing you with the opportunity to tell them about the society and invite them to join one of the society days. The more that can be added to the circulation list and turn out one or two days days a year the more successful we will be in being able to guarantee numbers and play interesting courses.


The emblem has been prepared by OSL Promotional Clothing, Bordon (01420 472828) for you to have embroidered on whatever you like. It can be put on shirts, jumpers, hats or bags, whatever you want it on OSL will help you.

You can take some of your own clothing or buy some from OSL's catalogue to have embriodered. It is suggested that the emblem be either yellow, gold, dark or light grey depending on what it is going. Of course you may prefer a different colour which better suits what you are having it put on. At the bottom of the page are examples of it on different backgrounds.

OSL say that,

  1. While the link to the catalogue suggests you can purchase online they do not work that way. Go ahead and use the catalogue to choose items but ring (01420 472828) or email them as they can usually beat the prices in the catalogue!
  2. If you have 6 or more items of clothing that you would like the emblem added to, take them in together as they will be able to beat the individual price.
Dark Grey
Light Grey